ROI Radio Ad Monitor

The ROI Radio Ad Monitoring system is a daily report of each local ad that aired the day before on your selected station(s). Reports are sent to subscribers at 7am each day including weekends. ROI Radio Ad Monitor allows you to access detailed local radio occurrences, generate instant sales leads and create competitive intelligence reports anywhere.

The radio monitor system can work with any monitored station with a complete stream of all programming - almost any small/medium market nationwide (or even worldwide if desired).

These advertisers have already been convinced of the value of radio advertising and are spending money now. Are they getting results from their current campaigns? Do they want to reach a bigger audience? Are they being serviced well by their sales reps? Do they have more money or can they spend some of their current budget on your station(s) if the deal is right?

Choose the number of stations you want to monitor by adjusting the QUANTITY.  We'll contact you to confirm which stations you want to monitor.