Radio Programming Service

Ready for a turnkey format for one of your stations? We've got simple, low cost, 24/7 programming for any format that you can run on any reasonably modern computer.

You can have a station with a custom format with floating breaks that automatically adjust to your spotload complete with all music scheduled and provided by us.  You can use your own voices or we can provide the talent.  Here's what you get:

  • Daily music logs for any format
  • Locally researched ready to play songs
  • Sales ideas
  • Promotional ideas

All music is ready to air; music logs are set up to import schedules from your existing traffic system; and we even give you personalized programming, marketing and engineering consulting services as part of the deal.

This service includes radio-safe music files fully produced and level controlled with weekly song adds and drops.  All audio is delivered directly to your station. 

ROI can perform additional services such as in-market meetings, format studies, engineering studies, projects, technical maintenance and other work as requested at a rate of $95 per hour.

ROI and the Station will treat as confidential and will not disclose to any competitive party any strategic programming or marketing information during the course of this Agreement without mutual consent.

Contact us at 802.458.5500 for more information!